Stainless Steel Belt Buckle Flask

Belt Buckle Flask
Belt Buckle Flask
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Product Description

Not manly enough for a Beer Belly and not quite female enough for a Wine Rack? Well here's an answer to your metro quandary: The Belt Buckle Flask.

Rock this stylish 3 oz hip flask in front of the area that counts most, the next time you're out at an event that requires that extra trouser support.

Feel free to shake those hips because this belt buckle flask fits securely to the holster via the magic of magnets!

Worried about some excess spillage making it look like you're yellow? Don't worry...it's made right with a tight sealing lid and we'll even throw in a small funnel for easy parking lot refilling.

Bonus: It's engravable if you want to get the all original Rebel Flag or pot leaf put on the front.

Another Bonus: It comes in a square box!